Season Two Championship Playoffs

by , 4th October 2012

Its finally here, the League of Legends Season 2 World Championship finals. 12 of the best teams in the world, if not the current best teams there are right now, will be competing for an astonishing prizey pot, more than 2 Million Dollars! 

The event is taking place in L.A, the group stages and Quarter Finals will go on until October 6 (Quarter Finals will occur during 5-6 Oct,). The event is being streamed live by the two gaming stream giants, Own3d and Twitch. The official caster are David “Phreak” Turley, Canada Joshua “Jatt” Leesman, United Kingdom Leigh “Deman” Smith, and USA Rivington “RivingtonThe3rd”Bisland III.


 Group A - Season 2 WC Win  Lose  Draw  Pts 
 Korea Azubu Frost30-9

 China Invictus Gaming

 European Union SK Gaming03-0
 Azubu Frost vs CLG.NA1-0
 Invictus Gaming vs CLG.NA1-0
 SK Gaming vs Azubu Frost0-1
 SK Gaming vs CLG.NA0-1
 Azubu Frost vs CLG.NA1-0
 SK Gaming vs Invictus Gaming0-1
 Group B - Season 2 WC Win  Lose  Draw  Pts 
 Korea Najin Sword30-9
 European Union CLG.EU21-6
 Taiwan Saigon Jokers12-3
 USA Dignitas-3-0
 Dignitas vs CLG.EU0-1
 Najin Sword vs Saigon Jokers1-0
 CLG.EU vs Najin Sword0-1
 Dignitas vs Saigon Jokers0-1
 CLG.EU vs Saigon Jokers1-0
 Dignitas vs Najin Sword0-1


The teams

European Union CLG.eu - Froggen, Snoopeh, Yellowpete, Krepo, Wickd.
Korea Azubu Frost - Shy, RapidStar, CloudTemplar, Woong, MadLife.
Taiwan Saigon Jokers - QTV, NIXWATER, Archie, Junie, Violet.
Korea Najin Sword - MaKNooN, Watch, Cain, SSONG, PraY.
USA GLG.NA - Bigfatlp, Chauster, HotshotGG, Doublelift, Voyboy.
European Union SK Gaming - Ocelote, Nyph, Kev1n, Araneae, YellOwStaR.
Switzerland Invictus Gaming - XiaoXiao, kid, illuSioN, zz1tai, Pdd.
Ukraine Dignitas - Scarra, imaqtpie, I Will Dominate, crumbzz, Patoy
USA Team SoloMid - Chaox, TheOddOne, Reginald, Xpecial, Dyrus.
Russian Federation Moscow5 - Alex Ich, Diamondprox, Genja, GoSu Pepper, Darien.
Taiwan Taipei Assassins - Stanley, Lilballz, Toyz, Bebeisadog, MiSTakE.
China Team WE - WeiXiao, Misaya, CaoMei, ClearLove, Fzzf.

Prize Pot

1st $1,000,000
2nd $250,000
3rd & 4th $150,000
5th to 8th $75,000
9th &10th $50,000
11th &12th $25,000

#1 , 4th October 2012
GL SK, Ocelote <3
#2 element, 4th October 2012
M5 Fighting!
#3 , 5th October 2012
SK ainda têm uma chance, lá ver :p
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