Season 2 WC Finals Taipei Assassins Win

by element, 5th October 2012

Now that the playoffs are done, its bracket time! 8 Teams will now fight for a chance to be at the Grand Finals to try and get their hands on the amazing ONE MILLION dollars 1st prize!

The teams that make it through the groups stage, Korea Najin Sword, European Union CLG.EU, Korea Azubu Frost and China Invictus Gaming will now battle against the Russian Giants of Russian Federation Moscow5, the Chinese Power House China Team World Elite, the ever so dominant Americans USA Team SoloMid and the Asian side of Taiwan Taipei Assassins.

(Source: https://www.facebook.com/tpaLoL)


Quater Finals  Semi Finals  Grand Finals
 China Team WE 1    

 European Union CLG.EU 1 
 European Union CLG.EU 2 
   Korea Azubu Frost
 USA SoloMid 0  

 Korea Azubu Frost 2
 Korea Azubu Frost 2  
Taiwan Taipei Assassins                   
 Taiwan Taipei Assassins 2    

  Taiwan Taipei Assassins 2 
 Korea Najin Sword 0 
   Taiwan Taipei Assassins
 Russian Federation M5.BenQ 2  

 Russian Federation M5.BenQ 1
 China Invictus Gaming 0  

Phantoms will keep you updated with the latest results of League of Legends Season II!

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