No Tidehunter and We haz Asian Claim the Last Two StarSeries Spots

by , 12th November 2012

There are only two spots left in the coveted tournament, and eight teams who want them. 

 Here is a list of the teams competing:

European Union No Tidehunter (nth) (3-0) *
Germany We haz Asian (WhA) (4-1) *

European Union Kaipi (KP) (2-2) 
Ukraine Eclypsia (Becoming iLuminate) (2-2)
Denmark Mortal Teamwork (mTw) (1-2)
Sweden DN-Gaming (1-2)
Russian Federation iCCup (0-2)
Kazakhstan Slayers (0-2) 

*Qualifies for StarLadder StarSeries #4

Round 1 (Winners Bracket)

European Union No Tidehunter (W) vs. Sweden DN-Gaming (1-0)

Denmark mTw (W) vs. Kazakhstan Slayers (1-0)

Ukraine Eclypsia (W) vs. Germany WhA (1-0)

European Union KP(W) vs. Russian Federation iCCup (1-0)

There were no real surprises in the first round of play. No Tidehunter and mTw, the two favorites for this qualifier, won as expected. 

With mTw and nth playing each other in the next round, it will open up a chance for Eclyspia or Kaipi to snag a spot with an upset in the finals. 

Round 2 Winners Bracket Semifinal

European Union KP (W) vs. Ukraine Eclypsia (1-0)

Denmark mTw vs. European Union No Tidehunter (W) (0-1)

Round 2 Losers Bracket Quarterfinal

Sweden DN-Gaming (W) vs. Kazakhstan Slayers (1-0)

Germany WhA (W) vs. Russian Federation iCCup (1-0)

Round 2 showed that No Tidehunter is definitely the favorite to go to StarLadder, however Kaipi will try and stand in their way. One game to make it to the tournament is all that is there for these two teams.

mTw and Eclypsia take a loss, and will try and stay alive by facing off against We haz Asian and DN-Gaming, while iCCup and Slayers' chances of going through have completely been shot down by both teams receiving their second loss.

Round 3 Winners Bracket Final

European Union KP vs. European Union No Tidehunter (W) (0-1)

Round 3 Losers Bracket Semifinal

Denmark mTw vs. Germany WhA (W) (0-1)

 Ukraine Eclypsia (W) vs. Sweden DN-Gaming (1-0)

So No Tidehunter is officially in the StarLadder StarSeries. They were favorites in this tournament and they pulled through.

After We haz Asian upset Mortal Teamwork and Eclypsia beat DN-Gaming, there are only three teams left fighting for the final spot. Eclypsia will try and get payback against Kaipi, but first We haz Asian stands in there way.

Round 4 Losers Bracket Final

Germany WhA (W) vs. Ukraine Eclypsia (1-0)

Round 5 Qualifying Match

European Union KP vs. Germany WhA (W) (0-1)

So We haz Asian takes the last and final spot in the STarLadder StarSeries. Congratulations and lets get ready for the action to start tomorrow!

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