Phantoms adds League of Legends

by element, 23rd November 2012

Just a few days ago Phantoms announced its Dota 2 team and today we are happy to announce our League of Legends team!

A team which we have been working closely for over a month, searching for the right players, manager and above all, for the right kind of people. People with a strong winning mentality and willing to work hard to succeed.

Statements from the new Players and Administration:

Marcos Fernandes, Phantoms Managing Director:

I am thrilled to finally announce our League Of Legends team! We have been working very hard with Sven to build a strong group and I am able to say that we are very proud to have found the players we are now presenting to you as our new team. They are all very professional in how they practice and talk with us, we will help them the best we can so we can reach new heights together.

Sven 'Gild3dhawk' Schöne

I am very glad that I had the chance in joining Phantoms ESports. It's a big chance for all of us, since this is one of the most motivated staffs i've ever seen in the eSport scene. The others and me, are really looking forward in working together with these guys, trying to reach the maximum of ourpotential and reach the stage of professional gaming.The atmosphere in this organisation, is awesome since the day I've joined it and it's not getting worse.

The grade of professionality in this team and organisation is already at a nice spot, even though it's so new. They are already giving us much support and they have already much confidence in us. As I said before, me and the whole team are doing our best to represent Phantoms ESports, I hope we will also receive much support of their fans and hopefully you watch our streams and the shows of Phantoms!

Phantoms.LoL EU roster:

Germany Sven 'Gild3dhawk' Schöne (AD Carry - Captain)
Hungary Béla 'Ghostraven' Gyenge (Support)
Germany Erik 'Sharro' Krebs(AP carry)
Estonia Ken 'Anstrum' Tähe (Top)
United Kingdom Brandon 'NinjaFuYa' Channer (Jungler)
Germany Marvin 'LorenerP' Gedigk (Team Manager)

About Phantoms ESports

Phantoms is an international Electronic Sports (i.e.: eSports) organization that was founded in 2006 under a different management. The team took a step back in 2009 but was revamped with a new set of administrators this year. We aim to bring Phantoms to the international scene of eSports by building a strong foundation.

The Phantoms community is growing day by day, and our goal is to become a beacon of eSports. It’s quite obvious that people are more attached to their computers and internet compared to 15 years ago, even without an official survey. With this growth, eSports will continue to grow, but only through promotion from the professional gamers, fans, and managements of every eSports teams and websites. We at Phantoms aim to become the spearhead of eSports promotion.

Our mission statement is to provide a professional, mature, and safe environment where fans of all ages can gather for the enjoyment of eSports.

#1 element, 23rd November 2012
#2 , 23rd November 2012
Welcome to Phantoms :)
#3 , 23rd November 2012
GOGO PHANTOMS! welcome boys!
#4 , 23rd November 2012
#5 , 23rd November 2012
#6 , 23rd November 2012
Good luck guys:D
#7 , 24th November 2012
Hey thanks, we will do our best!
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