Phantoms Releases Dota 2 Squad

by , 16th January 2013

Today it is with a sad face that Phantoms has decided to let go off our Dota 2 squad.

Since joining Phantoms the team suffered greatly under instability issues and hence both parties came to the agreement that disbanding the team would be what was most beneficial both for Phantoms as well as the players. Lack of tournaments results and rotating of a lot of players/roles didn't help on the stability problems.

France Lucas 'Dace' Bourgogne
France Renaud 'SorroW' Bourgogne
Netherlands Marco 'Krunchy' Van Leijenhorst
Yugoslavia Nebojsa 'Timez0r' Djokic
Denmark Rasmus 'Nightaware' Helm

We wish all the players good luck in future endeavours and hope they succeed in whatever kind of path they embark upon! Phantoms is not done with Dota 2 so please stay tunned for more news soon.


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