Phantoms LoL with line-up changes

by , 22nd January 2013

Today Phantoms are set to announce a few changes to our League of Legends squad.

We say goodbye to a few players and at the same time welcome two new faces to the team. In the past few months the team has faced some ups and downs and is now set to announce their final roster.

Hungary Béla "Ghostraven" Gyenge and Estonia Ken "Anstrum" Tähe have parted ways on mutual terms with the team. We wish the  best of luck to both players in their future endeavors.

At the same time we are happy to welcome two new faces to the League of Legends team. Germany Benjamin "eldar" Scholz and Denmark Martin "Zurgie" Mortensen will be joining the team and filling in their respective roles. eldar will be playing top lane while Zurgie will play support for the team.

This now completes the finale roster of  Phantoms’ LoL team.
A few of the players are out sick with illnesses and we wish them a speedy recovery. As soon as all are back and healthy they will train to compete and win the upcoming Go4LoL.

The team manager Germany Marvin "LorenerP" Gedigk  gives view opinion on the new team:

The team looks forward to play and work with both of our new players, zurgie and eldar. I think we got there some really creative minds and this might help to play competitive in these times, especially after all the changes in the pre-season and the upcoming season 3.

eldar is an old friend of our german members and has got already some experience in professinal eSport and offline-tournaments, while zurgie is really motivated to carry Gild3dhawk through the whole game. The overall atmosphere is amazing, so I'm very excited to see how far the will get.

The current Phantoms LoL line-up is as follows:

Germany Sven "Gild3dhawk" Schöne (AD Carry)
Germany Benjamin "eldar" Scholz (Top Lane)
United Kingdom Brandon "Ninjafuya" Channer (Jungler)
Germany Erik "Sharro" Krebs (AP Carry)
Denmark Martin "Zurgie" Mortensen (Supporter)

We wish the best of luck to the team and stay tuned to www.phantoms-esports.com to keep up with the news and the team’s results.

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