Phantoms signs CS:GO team

by element, 22nd August 2012

Today Phantoms is happy to announce that we have decided to venture into the new Counter-Strike Sequel: Counter-Strike Global Offensive!

The CS:GO scene is growing with other pro teams moving to the new game, new tournaments are showing up as well everywhere, online and offline. As such, we could not avoid picking up a CS:GO team of our own too.

Our team is composed by a well known group of players from the Portuguese competitive Counter-Strike: Source scene, we are convinced that we have found a very competitive team to represent us on our journey in the CS:GO gaming scene. We are sure that our new team will be a step forward in the development of our organization in the European scene.

Statement from Phantoms Managing Director, Marcos Fernandes

I am glad to have reached an agreement with our new CS:GO team, they are all great players and above all an excellent group of people, who understand the needs of our organization and are well aware of how important they're to us. We could have not asked for a better team to represent us in our venture in the CS:GO scene. All we can do now is work together to fulfill our main objective: to be the very best!

Team Captain Nuno 'BhT-' Silva

It's time to change, and we are thankfull that PHANTOMS are here to support us and motivate us even more to try better and harder in CS:GO.

With players that have been playing at a high competitive level for a long time in CS:Source, we think that as of now our focus is to get bigger and better.
While adapting to the new mechanics, we feel that the game has a lot of potencial to become very competitive and we want to be one of the best.

The team

Portugal Nuno 'BhT-' Silva
Portugal David 'kronix' Caldeira
Portugal Rui 'TCHEKA' Pais
Portugal Pedro 'abr' Abrunhosa
Portugal Tiago 'Thy' Calvinho

That is all for now, stay tuned at www.phantoms-esports.com for more ghostly news!

#11 , 26th August 2012
welcome guyyyyys ;)
#12 , 26th August 2012
bota phantoms! :D
#13 , 27th August 2012
Thanks for all our supporters.
We hope to honor this great home.
#14 , 27th August 2012
Sorte a todos... go kro ;)
#15 , 27th August 2012
Noobs. Noobs everywhere.
#16 , 29th August 2012
furya wrote:

Noobs. Noobs everywhere.

#17 , 29th August 2012
GL !
#18 , 13th September 2012
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