Happy Birthday, Unreal!

by element, 2nd November 2012

Our good guy Unreal is turning 22 and we at Phantoms-esports.com are wishing him Happy Birthday.

Tiago joined us back in 2009 for the coder position, but since then he grew immensely, always improving himself he kept rising in our ranks, being now a key member of our administration.

Some our management/staff left some words:

Ladislau Glória

It has been a pleasure working with Unreal so far, I wish him a lot of happiness on this happy day and that he continues the good work he has been doing so far with pM

Rasmus Dehn

I love you unreal, unlike elementt<3

Bokyung Park

Unreal, my love for you is VERY Real

Marcos Fernandes

Working with Tiago really is unreal! We never know when he will come up with an amazing idea or some weird rant. Thats our one and only unreal!

Join us in wishing Tiago "unreal" Ferreira an happy birthday. You can follow his facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/rtiagosf

#1 element, 2nd November 2012
Happy Birthday dude :)
#2 , 2nd November 2012
Happy Birthday unreal :P (labrego :D)
#3 , 2nd November 2012
tyty, i'm cutting the cake, anyone is served? xd <333
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