Phantoms looking for scene writers

by element, 2nd October 2012
Phantoms ESports has been around for a long time now but mostly in the Portuguese scene since 2006. The team closed in 2009 and reopened recently with a new management and we decided that it was time for us to embrace the world scene and to try to make a better name for ourselves out there.

That is why we decided it was key to have a great variety of news content for our fans and visitors, so we can keep them updated with the eSports scene. Phantoms will work to spread the eSports word with quality content and high level of professionalism, thats why we need your help!

What are we looking for?

- Motivated volunteers who want to make a career in eSports
- Good knowledge of the English language (written)
- Background in news writing is preferred but not a must
- Be available regularly
- Able to deal with confidential information
- Must be Innovative and proactive

How to apply?

- Email us at marcos@phantoms-esports.com
- Name, date of birth and location
- Your history in eSports
- What do intend to achieve in Phantoms
- Links to past work in eSports

All positions are on a volunteer basis. Don't be afraid to apply, we are waiting for you!
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