Community to help We haz Asian attend DreamHack.

by , 19th November 2012

Last Wednesday, up and coming team We haz Asian's dreams had finally come true. They could finally call themselves a pro team as H2k picked them up as their first pro dota 2 team and promised to pay for dreamhack. 

"H2k Gaming has finally ventured into Dota 2 taking in none other than the upcoming and brutal team We Haz Asians. For H2k Gaming it's been a hard choice to decide wether we would venture into the game or wether we would stand back and watch its progress but when we came across this team we had to simply have them. In eSports it's always hard to decide what will be big and what will last and we've decided to take this move with the team we feel fits best to our ideals," H2k's website clearly stated.

Everything was looking up for WhA now known has H2k, until H2k decided to back out of their deal and force WhA to go on an emotional roller coaster ride from hell. This ride was vented about by team captain Phillip "RMC" Pausewang on the team's facebook page:

"Today, after our successful game against Virtus Pro, H2k disbanded. We will not have a sponsor to attend Dreamhack and THOR...

...We have to tell our family and friends that we are most likely not be able to go to Sweden and fight for a big bunch of dollars."

There is a happy ending to WhA's story. After the news broke on joinDOTA, WhA was flooded with messages from people wanting to make donations as well as even a Dota Player who offered them a place to stay while they attended the tournament.

"We got really many responses on the joinDOTA forum, most of them about donations, and I want to thank all the users for this, even though we decided to figure a way to get there, without the users money. So we got some other usefull responses, one from a dota player from Jönköping, named Tommy. Tommy is pretty much the sole reason we can afford going to DreamHack, since he offered us a place to stay during the event, so I would like to thank him aswell. We also have some money from the 4PL tournaments, which is enough to send our German players to DreamHack. Us Danes will have enough money to pay for the train ticket ourselves."

Its good news for WhA once again and we look forward to seeing them compete in DreamHack 2012.

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