Phantoms with Dota 2 team

by element, 20th November 2012

Phantoms is happy to announce a new Dota 2 squad to represent us from now on. The new Phantoms.Dota2 will represent us in upcoming online events and we at phantoms-esports.com will bring you all the action as usual, with livestreams and live coverage.

Statements from the new Players and Administration:

Rasmus Dehn, our General Manager had the following to say:

We are happy to finally have a team to show for! We hope that this will send a message to the community and our supporters that we are starting to pick things up a notch. This wouldn't be possible without our dedicated team and staff. Phantoms fighting!

Joshua 'J0K3R' Jebaraj:

We like Phantoms as an organisation and are proud to be a part of it as the Dota 2 team. We will be participating in the upcoming competitions such as The Defence 3 and hope to win as much as we can. We will be working hard for every competitions and don't want to dissappoint the fans. :)

Phantoms.Dota2 roster:

United Kingdom Joshua 'J0K3R' Jebaraj
Denmark Rasmus 'JNightAwarE' Helm
France Lecomte 'SexyFuuse' François-Xavier
France Lucas 'Dace' Bourgogne
France Renaud 'SorroW' Bourgogne
Argentina Mohammed 'Trickster' Zohlof (Team-Manager)

About Phantoms ESports

Phantoms is an international Electronic Sports (i.e.: eSports) organization that was founded in 2006 under a different management. The team took a step back in 2009 but was revamped with a new set of administrators this year. We aim to bring Phantoms to the international scene of eSports by building a strong foundation.

The Phantoms community is growing day by day, and our goal is to become a beacon of eSports. It’s quite obvious that people are more attached to their computers and internet compared to 15 years ago, even without an official survey. With this growth, eSports will continue to grow, but only through promotion from the professional gamers, fans, and managements of every eSports teams and websites. We at Phantoms aim to become the spearhead of eSports promotion.

Our mission statement is to provide a professional, mature, and safe environment where fans of all ages can gather for the enjoyment of eSports.

#1 , 20th November 2012
Welcome guys!
#2 element, 20th November 2012
welcome! Phantoms is sexier now!
#3 , 20th November 2012
Thanks, We will do our best to honor phantoms name! :)
#4 , 20th November 2012
Very nice, looking forward what you can achieve! :)
#5 , 21st November 2012
Looking forward to your future endeavors here at Phantoms =]
#6 , 21st November 2012
can't wait to see the team compete.
#7 , 21st November 2012
Thx :)
#8 , 21st November 2012
Awesome, welcome guys :D
#9 , 23rd November 2012
We will do our best :D
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